Orientation issue while tracking entity


I am facing an orientation issue while tracking the vehicle. The globe is tilting back and forth. Unable to track vehicle properly. Here, you can view the gif,


Please find below the sandcastle link,

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Thank you for sharing this with the community! I just tried out your demo and was able to reproduce the error on my machine. Before we begin debugging, what Camera behavior are you looking for? For instance, should the Camera follow the car from above? I am looking forward to learning more about your project!


Hi @sam.rothstein

Thank you for looking into the issue.

what Camera behavior are you looking for? For instance, should the Camera follow the car from above?

Yes, I want the camera to follow the car from above. The camera should consistently follow the car without any error as in the Sandcastle example. I know the path is very bad, because of the GPS data.

I am looking forward to learning more about your project!

We are creating a web application to track the movement of cars from the ship to Yard.

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Thank you for providing some more information. The Multi-part CZML sandcastle demo is still the correct reference for your application.

It is still unclear to me how the GPS data is causing the erratic Camera movement. Could you please elaborate here? One suggestion would be to create a script that “cleans up” the GPS data. If the GPS data is normalized, it may not disrupt the Camera position in such drastic ways. Another idea would be to edit the way that the Camera variable is being updated. For instance, you could define a separate CZML path for the Camera to follow. The following sandcastle demo will help you get comfortable with Camera controls.

For your reference, here is the Camera documentation.


It seems like there are a few solutions to this issue. As always, suggestions from the rest of the community are welcomed!


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@sam.rothstein I am also getting this issue and was wondering what you mean by “cleaning up” the GPS data. Do you know why the camera is moving at all? For simple paths, the tracked entity’s route does not affect the camera orientation at all, only its position. Why would this be different for a complex path?


I suggested that @11119 “clean up” the GPS data because he indicated that his GPS data was very noisy and potentially causing erratic camera movement. I suspect that the position of the Camera object is being updated based upon erratic CZML data. Any thoughts @11119?


The distance between two coordinates should not be more then 100 km… this is what I found from my R&D. So try to give near by points

Happy coding .:relaxed:.



Thank you for the information! This is pretty subtle, I am not sure if I would have been able to spot this :grinning: :rocket:


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Hi all,
I see first sandcastle sample & can say:

1 if you change clock multiply to 1 from 10 - you can see not bad camera work in first step image
2 But in next steps camera work not very good, And I read documentations -


As you see - camera behavior have hidden dependences from tracked entity velocity.
May be if you will use more detailed data points OR setup more regular speed - its may be will work not bad