CZML and NodeTransformation


I have a CZML file that has data that I want to use to drive node transformations on my model. This would be similar to the Sandcastle example Cesium Sandcastle except the data source is different. The proper flow would appear to be to use Cesium.CzmlDataSource.load(czml) to gather the data and then create the Cesium.NodeTransformationProperty() according to the example above. However, I cannot find the data when I load the CZML file.

Here is a brief example:

var czmlDataSource = new Cesium.CzmlDataSource();

When I add the new entity, the data that was loaded via CZML is attached to that entity. However, I cannot find it in czmlDataSource prior to czmlDataSource.entities.add(stuff) which means I cannot get the data I need when I add the new entity.

Did I miss a step? How best would I do this?


Perhaps I am missing how Cesium collects data from CZML. Where does CzmlDataSource.load() put the data it processes? The documentation says that the function returns a promise. When I use a debugger it says that the promise’s resolution is still pending. Does this mean that the data is not yet available?

For context, I am new to JavaScript but not programming. I may be missing something related to coding in JavaScript.

Thanks for your help.