CZML Billboard Maker (QGIS Plugin)

Hey there,

I have created a new QGIS plugin to export CZML files representing billboards / labels.

It is latest version 0.2 is now online in QGIS plugin repository as Experimental plugin.

Basically, you can select any point based vector layer in your GIS dataset and specify the CZML with it’s attributes; then export it.

Please feel free to contact, give feedback or any suggestions for it.

Github page:

Video Tutorial:

Plugin in QGIS repository:


Awesome, thanks for sharing this @muratkendir ! I like that installation is just as easy as finding it within QGIS and clicking install.

I appreciate you sharing the source code here too! If someone from the community wanted to contribute, are there any specific type of contributions you’re looking for?

Thank you.

I guess there should be also an update to let users to customize labels (font, size, color and etc). People who want to contribute may help to handle these customizations, but firstly i must review the code to handle objects with more flexible and simple way. So, all possible future features may be developed more easily.