CZML dataSource removal breaks viewer

I am using Cesium to display a subset of the Iridium Next constellation, and I am loading sats via the following:

// satData is the valid CZML sent from the backend over the socket
viewer.dataSources.add(Cesium.CzmlDataSource.load(satData)).then(function (datasource) {
                 ds = datasource;

But then I go to remove the satellite's CZML from the Cesium Viewer DataSources when the socket that sent the data disconnects:

if (viewer.dataSources.contains(satData)) {
            // satData represent whichever data was past to the frontend from the
            // socket that just disconnected
            var removalPromise = viewer.dataSources.remove(satData);
            Cesium.when(removalPromise, function() { console.log('The promise has resolved') });

And I get the following error ONLY WHEN THE NUMBER OF SATELLITES IS GREATER THAN 1 - it works on 1 satellite:

I'm having a similar issue with a DataSourceCollection. At best guess it looks like the cesium viewer is trying to render things after they've been destroyed, as though the .remove() function isn't operating correctly or isn't updating the scene

Any chance you’re able to replicate this issue in Sandcastle?

My best guess is that you’re potentially removing it in the middle of the frame, so it still gets used for the duration of that frame. Similar to this error here: