CZML file in Cesium Globe


I have a kml file (Basically i want to load a shape file with complex polygon geometries). I converted the same to CZML using -[KML_URL]

Now when i try to load this CZML file using the following code, I am getting error no method 'createCzmlStandardCollection'. Please help.

It looks like your code is based on an old version of Cesium. The APIs have changed in the latest version.

Take a look at the CZML Sandcastle example:

for examples of how to use the new CzmlDataSource class, which is the current simplest way to load CZML into the display.

but is it possible to use czml after converting the kml file into czml file to use in cesium globe for making clickable placemark on 3d globe???

Plz anyone help me to make the clickable placemark with the help of czml so that i can use it in cesium 3d globe.

Pooja, if you are talking about the balloon pop-up that KML provides, it is currently in development (in the balloon branch), but we don’t support it yet. If you are just talking about getting notification when a placemark is clicked on, you can do that yourself, see the picking example:

ok thanku so much


Please let me know about any updates about the facility to provide ‘balloon popup’ of KML file which you have mentioned in your post.

I have a kml file which is converted to CZML file and overlayed on Cesium globe. I wish to enable onclick ‘balloon popup’ information in the same.


We are adding native KML support to Cesium, which is in the “kml” branch: This will show balloon information in our InfoBox widget. We will eventually get rid of the offline converter since it is out of date and obsolete.