use of kml file in cesium

I want to know is it possible to use kml file in cesium for making the clickable placemark on 3d globe. If it is possible can u just guide me how to make it and use it in cesium viewer. I am not able to use it in cesium viewer.I want to make clickable placemark so i have to write kml for it but how i can i use it with cesium?

Please tell me how to make the clickable billboard in cesium so that i become able to open any rectangle box on click of billboard bcoz i want to show the information regarding that place on click of that billboard.

The feature you want is still under development in the “balloon” branch. It may take another release or two before it is ready to use.


ok if it is under development by using kml file in cesium but can i use czml file in cesium for that purpose by converting kml file in czml?
Is it possible in cesium to use czml?