kml branch

so I clone kml-branch from git, and I am interesting, is there some wiki or documentation about using kml features?

I try to simple drag&drop kml file (only with placemarks) and then I saw source code of it. why?

Thanks in advance,


If you’re using the example Cesium Viewer application that comes with Cesium; it should just work. If you’re building your own application; you need to enable support for drag & drop in the Viewer with the following line of code:


You can also load KML programmatically:

var kmlDataSource = new Cesium.KmlDataSource();



Of the shorter version if you don’t need to keep a handle tot he data:


Thank u!
so I load my kmz and it is work but id doesn’t show images?

It is my fault or cesium doesn’t support images in kml/kmz files?

and I can’t load files about 12mb. is it normal?

KML support is a work in progress. It’s likely that the KML file has a feature in it that we yet support. As for the size, it depends on what’s in the file more so than how big it is. If you can share the file you’re trying to load, I’ll be sure to take a look at it as we continue to work on KML support.

and in cesium, you parse kml and convert it to czml?

i try to understand the code…

and what if I convert kml to czml? how can I do it? I clone czml-writer, and try to using java and c# realization, but how should I call the converter?