[cesium-dev] learn Cesium and kml try

A few problems:

  • viewer.dataSource should be viewer.dataSources.

  • loadKmz expects a Blob. To load from a URL, use loadUrl instead.

Thanks Scott,

it works now, but the spatial features still looks hiding under the Bing map image even I didn’t include terrain data.

Cesium KML support is still very much a work in progress, which is why it’s not part of the official Cesium release. If you can share the KML file you are trying to load, I can take a look at it and see what’s missing that we need to support.

Tried to attach the kml, kmz files several times, not work; don’t know why.

Actually I just use Google Earth to draw a polygon, lines and points. I will try to read KmlDataSource.js and also try to use Google Earth to create a kmz with z value. My kml file looks no z values.

To load spatial features on Cesium terrain is important for us. But I found usually the loaded features are under the ground or higher than the terrain height. They are not perfectly draped on the terrain. I can only think about is creating a WFS/WMS server and use cesium api to load WFS url. But this way, can I use both WMS server as base layer (for example Bing satellite image) and WFS server as my customized spatial data? The reason for using WFS sever is I wish can mouse select individual feature and get attribute values. So I can visualize my data on 3D. Thanks.



I am also facing problem adding kmldatasources in the viewer.

It alerts till 555