Kml/Kmz elevation not rendering as in Google earth


I am using elevation in Kmz file which should give the visual effect of slope and height difference between lines. This effect can be seen when the file is loaded in Google earth but in the case of Cesium these lines tend to be flat. Is there any way around on how to make this effect possible in Cesium as well?

For your reference i am attaching the kmz file and screenshots as well. Your feedback would be much appreciated in this regard.

3DKMLFloorplan.kmz (101.2 KB)

Hi @Umar_Yaseen,

Thanks for sharing this! How are you importing this dataset into CesiumJS?


Hi @sam.rothstein , i am importing this dataset using the file path from the AWS secure bucket.
I load this url in the following way:

let kmlPromise = this.viewer.dataSources.add(
, {
canvas: this._viewer.scene.canvas,
clampToGround: _clamp

Hi @Umar_Yaseen,

Understood. I am not very familiar with importing data from this type of data source but I am looking forward to learning more. Out of curiosity, do you encounter the same issue when the import this KML dataset from Cesium ion?


Sorry, I haven’t used Cesium ion yet.I am only using CesiumJS at the moment.