czml file

I would like to move to city
ferry route intheir direction at cesium.

I studied “
sample and “ Vehicle.czml ” file.

I have some questions and I’ll glad if you can help me.

The coordinates of
route are “.Json” format. Is there any possibility for using the data
.Json format? If not, How can I convert the data into “.czml”

Json file.

{ “type”: “LineString”, “coordinates”: [ [ 416535.44510000013, 4545605.7652 ], [ 416694.03830000013, 4545596.617699999 ], [ 416852.88949999958, 4545595.294299999 ], [ 417011.6129, 4545601.7983 ], [ 417169.82299999986, 4545616.1137 ], [ 417327.13570000045, 4545638.206 ], [ 417483.16899999976, 4545668.0214 ], [ 417637.5438000001, 4545705.4875 ], [ 417789.8854, 4545750.5134 ],


I am getting error
while trying “.dae” format convert into the “gltf” format. Why this error

Thanks, :slight_smile:


If your data is in GeoJson, Cesium has support for that built in so you may not need to convert your file to CZML. If you do want to convert it, you can learn about the format here:

We also have a bunch of CZML examples on our website here:

For converting your model, you can try using our online model converter if you can’t get the offline version to work:



Can I add the 3D model “gltf” to
the image in the “
sample ?

Is it possible to change this
code like “ “billboard” : {
“image” :data:image/png ” Model?

See this example for how to add a glTF model using CZML: