CZML format and labels

I've been working with CZML to display a list of polygons. Everything seemed to work until I got into trying to label my polygons described in the CZML. For some reason, I can't seem to label them correctly in the CZML so that the label shows up on the Cesium globe. I am not using billboards in my CZML or any element of time. However, based on the CZML examples and the documentation I believe it is still possible to include a label property and see it show up with the associated polygon via CZML.

Is this true?
Would somebody be willing to provide me a CZML example (not using billboards or time) that would work with labels?

Thanks in advance for any help.

- Paul


Here’s a snippet that puts a label at the provided position. No time or billboard involved. I grabbed this from our simple.czml example in Apps/CesiumViewer/Gallery/









“font”:“10pt Lucida Console”,
























I hope that helps.