I am very new to CZML and need help creating a line in cesium that goes from a specific point on the earth to a satellite with pre-programmed positions. The line would ideally follow the satellite at the beginning of its path and continue following it throughout the whole path then disappear. Any suggestions of how to go about doing this? Also, since I am new to CZML it would be great if I could get a few more resources for help with my work, would anyone know where I could find some tutorials or anything similar to the program that I could take a look at?



Hi Andrew,

I’ve attached a CZML file that demonstrates the line you asked about and a few other things.

Hope this helps!


The file contains the following:

  1. Satellite orbit trace (Ikonos)
  2. Point
  3. Label
  4. Line (Path)
  5. Sensors (VisIr and FieldOfRegard)
  6. Satellite ground trace (IkonosGround)
  7. Point
  8. Label
  9. Line (Path)
  10. Ground location (Facility)
  11. Point
  12. Label
  13. Ground to satellite line (Link_FacilityToIkonos)
  14. Line

IkonosExample.czml (16.2 KB)

Thanks Scott, this is exactly what I was looking for this helps a lot!