czml Java classes

How can we get Java versions of the latest czml converter packages (CesiumLanguageConverter, KMLToCesiumLanguage, etc)? Is there a tool that you run to convert from C# to Java? Can you elaborate? Thanks!

The C# version of the code is the master version of the libraries. We (AGI) have an internal translator tool that we use to translate the C# source to Java source (the same tool that we use to create STK Components for Java from the .NET version).

It does take some initial work to get the C# code in a state where the translator can handle it, but once it works, it’s easier to keep it working from then on. CesiumLanguageConverter (the command line converter) should be somewhat easier than KMLToCesiumLanguage, which makes heavy use of LINQ to XML, which is an API we haven’t yet have mapped into Java. Sometimes we need to enhance the translator and the matching library, and sometimes it’s easier to change the C# code to use different APIs that are easier to support in Java. I’m not sure which side LINQ to XML will fall on.

Our goal is of course to have the .NET and Java versions at feature parity with each other, but we’ve been trying to balance our development effort with core Cesium rendering features too. I’ll take a closer look at our remaining C#-only libraries to get a sense of how close they are to converting to Java.