Czml loading error


When I am loading a czml file I am getting the following error. The czml file was created from STK.

RuntimeError: Fragment shader failed to compile. Compile log: WARNING: 0:2: ‘GL_OES_standard_derivatives’ : extension is not supported
ERROR: 0:233: ‘=’ : dimension mismatch
ERROR: 0:233: ‘assign’ : cannot convert from ‘highp 2-component vector of float’ to ‘highp 3-component vector of float’

at new RuntimeError (
at createAndLinkProgram (
at reinitialize (
at initialize2 (
at ShaderProgram._bind (
at beginDraw (
at Context.draw (
at DrawCommand.execute (
at executeCommand (
at executeCommands2 (

I am pasting czml file here