CZML Model Orientation

I've been trying to track down an issue today that I haven't quite been able to track down the complete issue. I began adding 3d models into my CZML data and then, followed by adding quaternions to orient them correctly. Shortly after playback of the CZML begins, I get a RangeError: Invalid array length. The call stack is..

at updateFrustums (Cesium.js:127420:36)
at createPotentiallyVisibleSet (Cesium.js:127570:13)
at render (Cesium.js:127972:9)
at Scene.render (Cesium.js:128012:13)
at CesiumWidget.render (Cesium.js:138308:25)
at render (Cesium.js:136742:32)

Now, in attempting to track this down, I found several things, but wondering if some of the devs could help explain this.

In createPotentiallyVisibleSet:127538 where the distances variable is set from the BoundingSphere.computePlaneDistances method call, if I console log the parameters passed in, right before my error occurs, BoundingSphere.radius goes to NaN which causes the Interval output (the value of distances) to go to NaN as well. This causes several other computed values within createPotentiallyVisibleSet and updateFrustums go to NaN and everything dies.

Could you guys provide some insight as to what may be happening and help me resolve this or at least tell me I'm not going crazy and that it's a bug in Cesium core that can be fixed?

You’ve run into the most annoying exception in Cesium :slight_smile: As you already discovered, this is almost always the case of an undefined value or NaN getting into the system which causes everything else to spiral into NaN until it crashes in updateFrustums. Most of the time this is due to bad input in the client code or a problem in the CZML, but sometimes it is a bug in Cesium. Can you post the CZML that is causing the problem? Are you using the latest version of Cesium?

Any way I could send it to you directly instead of posting it?

You can either email me a link or an attachment at