czml/python reader

A few questions…

(1) What version is CZML currently at?

(2) Has anyone used the czml/python reader: That is, is it matured and working?



Why is there a dupe version of this project under someone else’s name?

Currently the numeric version of CZML is still 1.0. All changes have been made in a backwards-compatible manner since the initial spec was released in 2012. (that is, so far all changes have been additions).

Cesium currently requires a CZML document to contain a “document” packet indicating a version of “1.0” (actually it allows the second number to be anything). Checking the version allows for a future situation where we do have to make an incompatible change which would need to be processed differently.

If you’re asking about the current official CZML spec listing all properties, that is maintained here:

As for the python library, that was created by a community member. I haven’t used it so I don’t know how complete it is. The only official libraries maintained by the Cesium development team (or more accurately, AGI) are the C# and Java libraries available from

If your are interested in scala, I have a scalaczml library at:

The python czml library was developed in 2013 and had more recent
contributions from other members of the community.
It was initially developed just to scratch my own itch (that was
before geojson or KML were supported) and is not feature complete
Contributions are welcome :wink: