CZML Type Definition

I do a lot of work with czml and one thing that really bothered me for a long time was having to constantly refer back and forth to the czml-writer docs and such on github when trying to remember the params on an object in czml. I understand that they are a pretty close match to the constructor options for each type but… I wanted something else. I wanted a type definition for czml so I could get autocompletes and such when working with czml. I went through and made my own but, because if the inherent flexibility of some of these values, it’s a little biased.

For instance… a property with a numeric value (a line width for example) could be a numeric value, it could be a Double which is an object with a number property and the value on it, or that number property could be an array of time tagged values. For simplicity, I chose the longer form as the standard. It can’t be just a numeric value, it will always be an object Double. It keeps the interface consistent as opposed to having a multiple potential value types on every property. That’s just… that’s a mess.

Anyway, would the Cesium team be interested in looking over that and potentially including it as part of Cesium?

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I don’t work with czml often, but I am currently doing so for work. I’m finding it excessively difficult to determine what constitutes a czml json object. It just feels like I’m guessing. The CzmlDataSource documentation gives very little insight into what a czml object actually is.

Could you please link those resources you were using for reference? I would greatly appreciate it.

Sure, it’s on npm as @jdfwarrior/czml

That was my motivation for it as well. I got tired of having to constantly refer back and forth to docs to remember property names and stuff like that when working with czml