dashed lines

Hello Mathew,

can dashed lines be supported by Cesium as in GE, using Polylines or WallGeomtery through CZML.

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Hello Mathew,

have done a work around right now, could render dotted line on the map.

thanks a lot but in future releases if Cesium API supports for the same , please do inform.

thanks a lot.

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Hello Chandrika,

I have implemented a simple workaround using billboards and decimation
according to distance in the shader. See:

What is your workaround?

True support for dotted line would be a nice addition to Cesium.

Hello Guillaume,

the app which has been provided is very good … thanq.

the work around which we did is simple , as such generated mutliple polylines with two coordinates ranging from starting to ending point of the lineFeature.

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As you are both aware, we don’t have out of the box support for this yet. dashed lines are on the long-term roadmap, but not something we do yet. If anyone wants to implement a custom Polyline Material for it, we are happy to take a pull request.

I just don’t wanna stand against your idea. but if you ask me i really don’t want to see any dotted or any polylines on the map like google earth.
Why not create an enhanced and a different one. We don’t wanna create a replica of the GE. We need to have it’s own new features.

Hello Matthew,

I will read the paper pointed at by Patrick but it looks a bit tough.

Lines are hard, and this is definitely an area that’s way over my head when it comes to implementation. You might also be interested in this blog post Dan wrote a while ago that goes into our own polyline support:


The quickest and most efficient tool to use is the GPSVisualizer. You can load your pre-existing KML file, add tick marks at the requested intervals and then eliminate the label after the output file is applied to GE retaining only the tickmark which can be refined symbolically in any way that you would prefer. Good luck.

We’ll be adding support for dashed polylines in version 1.32, releasing on May 1! We’re very excited about this!

See the issue here for more info: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/2584#issuecomment-295822938