Default map and tiles, which is faster in response


I want to know which is faster to load and its responsive behavior, default map/globe of cesium or using tiled imagery for map.

I’m using 24 tiles to get a tiled imagery. While zooming In and Out I face some slowness with tile imagery.

I couldn’t setup my local project with default access key to load default Map due restrictions in from my organisation, but while looking into the default map in one of sandcastle live demo Cesium Sandcastle, I observed that its faster during zoom-in and zoom-out as compared to tiled imagery

Hi there,

To clarify, are you seeing the slowness in the linked Sandcastle?

Hi @Gabby_Getz I slowness when I use tiles. Its faster when we use default Globe.
I couldn’t reproduce this in my local setup as I’m not using access key to load any default Map/Globe but in one of the linked sandcastle, I see its very fast using default globe/Map.
I could use tiles in my local setup which is comparatively very slow while we zoom-in and out into the map.
I wanted to know if using tiles makes the responsiveness slow.