Defining a non-Earth size ellipsoid


I understand I can scale down the current Earth-sized ellipsoid to get something approaching a different-sized planetary body, but I assume this will also affect the terrain height generated - if I scale the Earth down by 0.5, my terrain elevation will now be half height as well. Since we currently do not have a terrain exaggeration feature, I’m kinda stuck.

Is there a way to currently define a different size ellipsoid? ie in CesiumJS I can specify ‘new Cesium.Moon(options)’ and get a lunar ellipsoid, or specify ellipsoid(size)


Hello @mahalobay ,

I just opened this GitHub issue for allowing custom ellipsoids in Cesium for Unreal. Since we are not sure when we can get around to doing this, I provided some general notes in the issue of where to start on implementing this. If you would be interested in contributing, feel free to give it a shot!

Thanks @Nithin_Pranesh !

I’ll keep an eye on this issue. However, assuming that I understand code is a bad idea :slight_smile: I am but a lowly user, hehehe

in CesiumGeoreference.h

class CESIUMRUNTIME_API ACesiumGeoreference : public AActor {

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = “Moon”)
static ACesiumGeoreference* GetDefaultForActor(AActor* Actor);


//Moon的radius:赤道radius:1738100米;两极radius:1736000米;扁率:0.0012;/平均= 1737100米
const CesiumGeospatial::Ellipsoid& ellipsoid = CesiumGeospatial::Ellipsoid(1738100, 1738100, 1736000);

//then use : this-> ellipsoid.xxxxx(…)

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Thanks qudaxia! I am unfortunately C++ challenged but am happy to hear that it seems pretty straightforward to add!

@Nithin_Pranesh any progress on the github ticket?