What's the update on Terrain Exaggeration

Hi all, any functionality for terrain exaggeration yet in Unreal?

Hey, ok so it sounds like this feature request has fallen off the bus. If I have to resort to scaling the the cesium unreal globe from 1.0 to a different planetary size, does the terrain scale with it? ie if I scale the world down to 0.5, does terrain that is marked as 500m tall get clamped down to 250m? or is it globe scale independent?

Sorry @mahalobay, terrain exaggeration hasn’t bubbled up the priority list for us yet. The scaling for a Cesium3DTileset will be uniform, so I don’t think scaling will help exaggerate heights, unfortunately. If you’re up for tackling this feature yourself, though, I can provide some suggestions about how to approach it.

Thanks Kevin! Is there a way to confirm in the code that if I scale a globe by 0.5, I will still get a 500m tall mountain (which is what I want)? If that’s the case, I don’t actually need terrain exaggeration…

Do you mean just setting the Actor’s Scale property? It’s easy to try that through the UI and see what happens, but I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for. The heights are not treated specially from the horizontal coordinates, so any scaling will apply to both.

Confirmed, scaling the actor to 0.5 effectively halves the terrain height as well :weary: which means I either need terrain exaggeration or the ability to create a non-Earth size ellipsoid… :frowning: