Terrain Exaggeration

I thought I saw terrain exaggeration on a future roadmap sometime ago. Does anybody know if/when it is scheduled to be supported in Cesium? It's one of the few features that existed in Google Earth that Cesium is missing.

Thanks in advance

J. Stoy

It does not appear to be a feature on the current roadmap. There was some discussion about Terrain Exaggeration back in pull request #510.


We don’t have an exact date, but this is a medium-term priority. In the meantime, consider the workaround discussed here:


That discussion is a bit dated so I think you would want to modify QuantizedMeshTerrainData.js or CesiumTerrainProvider.js.


Terrain Exaggeration would be an excellent addition to Cesium. We do this now in programs such as QGIS and InfraWorks, but an interface in Cesium would be great.

In the meantime, is there any examples of changing terrain height with the latest version of Cesium?


Hi Gordon,

That is still the most recent one that I am aware of. If you take the time to put together an up-to-date workaround, please share it, and we’ll help spread the word until there is official support.