Depth testing of a point and ellipsoid


Since I wanted to create a few dome shaped entities so I did this by setting Ellipsoid's z-index to 0 (for the ellipsoid surface) and viewer.scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain flag to true. I didn't want billboard/point/label to be clipped off against the terrain so I disabled their depth testing. Everything seems to do what I expected except when I rotate the globe until the point is at the horizon, it is still showing the whole point rather than being clipped off.

I wasn't seeing this when I had the global depth testing to false.

Is there a way to keep the "domes" while the points/billboards/labels can get clipped off at the horizon?

PS. I'd like to attach pictures but I don't think I have Rich Text permissions.

Another question... will there be disableDepthTestDistance flag for PolygonGraphics, PolylineGraphics, PathGraphics, EllipseGraphics, EllipsoidGraphics and others (not BillboardGraphics/PointGraphics/LabelGraphics?

Hi there,

If I understand you correctly, there’s no way of getting the point to not be occluded by terrain except at the horizon – the depth test is either on or off for a point. However, see this thread for a potential work around:!searchin/cesium-dev/weak$20depth$20test|sort:relevance/cesium-dev/ZSGJAUqnGR0/2g_M-n5PCAAJ

You can easily attach pictures by using Billboards.

Depth test for other entity graphics types are definitely something we’re interested in providing, but we don’t have any clear timeline for when they might be added at the moment.

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  • Rachel

Thanks, do you have github issue that I could keep eye on for adding the depth testing to other entity shapes?

Hi there,

I don’t think we’re at the point that we have an open issue for that quite yet, but there are a lot of related depth test issues that you might want to keep an eye on, for instance:

In the meanwhile, I’ll keep an eye out for something more direct to share with you.


  • Rachel