Detect whether a polyline is falling within or intersecting with a polygon

I have a list of polygons. Is it possible to detect whether a line intersects with one of the polygons?

I checked the IntersectionTests function I don’t think it will help in my case
IntersectionTests - Cesium Documentation.

Any suggestion or code example is appreciated.

Whether or not a line intersects a polygon depends (in this case) on the triangulation of the polygon.

Take a look at this example:

Cesium Line Polygon

The green and the blue polygon consist of the same vertices, but are displayed at different places, and they are triangulated differently, because the vertices are given in a different order. The red line intersects the green polygon. But it does not intersect the blue polygon.

Therefore, the only real “intersection test” that one can do is to intersect a line or line segment with a single triangle. This is offered in IntersectionTests.lineSegmentTriangle.

(As far as I know, there is no “public” way of obtaining the triangles that are actually rendered when rendering a polygon, though - related: Getting polygons' rendered triangles' - #2 by sam.rothstein )

A sandcastle that shows what’s also shown in the screenshot: