Difference in Terrain Elevation data from Cesium World Terrain and Google terrain

I am trying to plot some 3D models on Cesium Terrain we are receiving altitude with respect to Google terrain altitude due to the difference between both terrain altitudes there is difficulty in plotting the geometries. Is there a way to solve this?

I tried using sampleTerrainMostDetailed but there is a difference in Height

I don’t know the Source of Google’s elevation data, but the sources for Cesium World Terrain are described here.

Do you have a particular area of interest and have “better” data? You could upload it to Cesium ion for use in your application. Do you have any examples, that you can share, where you’re seeing differences?

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It’s third-party software that is using Google terrain, right now I can’t show any values from that.

Also because of this issue, we are trying to convert Cesium terrain into Google terrain and found this but I couldn’t find the URL or code snippet for integration