Unreal tile and Cesium Ion World Terrain height difference

For comparison purposes, I created two Cesium3DTileset, one with Cesium Ion world terrain, and the other with GoogleMap URL, as explained in the tutorials.
Unexpectedly, I can see a large “altitude” difference for the same geopoint.
Eg: at 43.23N5.22E, sea level is at 49m with Cesium Ion, but at -23m with GoogleEarth.
Ion is correct relative to WGS84 for this geopoint.

What am I obviously missing?

If you believe that Cesium World Terrain is correct in this area, we suggest you report these discprepancies to Google via the “Send Feedback” link on this page:

OK, done.
Aside from this report to Google, can you confirm this observation on your side (just to rule out any obvious error from me), or maybe have you seen any reports like this before (didn’t found any on the forum, but I’m new here, will take time before I’ve read through it all).

Hi @AStef,

Yes, there have been reports of elevation differences with Google’s data. Google is aware of this issue, and is in the process of preparing documentation on this topic.

Any other concerns related to Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles from a data standpoint can be directed here. This includes options to report bugs, request features, browse known issues, and directly contact support.

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