Display Geojson data on map

Hi I am looking to display Geojson data on a Cesium map, I was wondering if there were any samples, or tutorials that display the process. I was able to work with the 3D tileset through this tutorial but from my understanding 3D tiles do not support GeoJson, and a lot of the documentation is in Javascript. Any guidance would be helpful!

Thank you!

Cesium for Unity does not yet have any support for GeoJSON rendering.

Ok thank you Kevin!

@Kevin_Ring is it suggested to turn GeoJson data into 3d tiles, in order to visualize the data, or is it better to move the CesiumGlobeAnchor class to provided longitude and latitude?

Thank you

I guess it depends on your needs. If the GeoJSON data makes sense to render as 3D Tiles, i.e., it’s fundamentally triangles or a point cloud, that’s probably a good option. If not, then doing some custom rendering with Unity and then anchoring it to the globe with a CesiumGlobeAnchor is the way to go.