Displaying a canvas as a layer

I am new to Cesium. I have a canvas html element with animations added for wind velocity and direction. I need this canvas as a transparent layer over the globe. I searched regarding this problem I read somewhere about creating a new custom Imagery Provider. Wanted to know if at all it was possible and how should i approach it if so.

Can you post the thread you found suggesting you needed a custom imagery provider? I think you should be able to do this just with the SingleTileImagery provider: https://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/Documentation/SingleTileImageryProvider.html

This code example uses it to supply an image but I think supply a canvas there, or a dataURI to a canvas there, should work:


This sounds like a cool application, is it for a particular study, hobby or part of a company project? We recently did a showcase of a wind application in Cesium:


Are you trying to do something similar to that?