displaying a shape as an elevation -map offset?


I'd like to display polygons which are not 'level', but which follow the
terrain with a specified offset. for example, it would be a polygon, but
not at say 1500ft above mean sea level, but at 1500ft above ground level.

as Cesium already have a terrain / elevation map feature built in, I
wonder if there is a simple or not-so-simple way to achieve this?
basically I'd need the same, but with no textures but a simple
see-through color, and vertically offset.


Hi Akos,

Cesium can return the terrain height for a given point. See “Sample Everest Terrain” in the Terrain Sandcastle example. Given this, it shouldn’t be too hard to write a new geometry type that takes the existing polygon/extent computation code and raises each to be relative to terrain, not the ellipsoid.

Pull requests welcome, of course. :slight_smile: