Does WMTS support GetFeatureInfo?

Hi all,

When I present the WMS layers in Cesium and click on it, the infobox would be shown the attribute information. Is it possible that includes the same function in WMTS layers?

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We’ve added this feature to the version of Cesium that we use with TerriaJS. Eventually we’ll open a pull request to merge this into the Cesium mainline. I’m certainly happy for someone else to beat me to that, though. The code is here:


Hi Kevin,

Appreciate your kind response and the code could be used successfully~

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Kevin Ring於 2016年8月3日星期三 UTC+8上午10時07分16秒寫道:


pls is there any update regarding WMTS support GetFeatureInfo in Cesium mainline?


Hi Davor,

Picking features is not currently supported by WMTS imagery providers. But we’d welcome any contributions to get that branch into master! :grinning: