WMS GetFeatureInfo from geoserver

Hi Everyone…

My next question is…

Is that possible to display fetureinfo from WMS geoserver?

Like in billboard example, when we click the billboard point the information about billboard show up

Thanks anyway :smiley:

Sure, I used this trick...

Create a small bounding box around the picking point (scene.camera.pickEllipsoid) and call the GetFeatureInfo function passing the values of the bounding box, the width=1, the height=1 and i=0 j=0 (for the version 1.3.0)


We did the same in Australia’s National Map (http://nationalmap.nicta.com.au), except it uses the actual rendered tiles to construct the GetFeatureInfo WMS queries, for most accurate picking.

The source code for the WMS-info-on-click feature is here:

We’re hoping to roll this sort of thing into Cesium itself eventually, probably as a WMS DataSource.