Problems getting WebMapServiceImageryProvider GetFeatureInfo in 2D or Columbus view

When an entity is clicked on, I would like the cesium viewer to display billboard data from WebMapServiceImageryProvider, regardless of which map view is used (3D, 2D, Columbus). Only 3D works as expected. What is required to get billboard data from WMS in 2D and Columbus views ?

With the Cesium viewer 3D map, WebMapServiceImageryProvider GetFeatureInfo correctly supports billboard display of data for the entity clicked on.

2D map does not display anything about the entity clicked on and apparently does not send a GetFeatureInfo request to the server. What can be done to generate billboard display for the entity?

Columbus view sometimes displays a billboard with header "None" and content "No features found" and sometimes does not display anything. What can be done to generate billboard display for the entity?

All three views (3D, 2D, Columbus) display billboard information for points added with viewer.entities.add() [not using WebMapServiceImageryProvider].

My client is using Ubuntu 12.04, FireFox, Cesium 1.20 or 1.30


This is a known issue. The cause of the problem is described in this issue:

I’ve added a link to your forum post so we can notify you when we have a chance to fix the problem.



Thank you for the immediate reply.
Ed Schnaath

Hello Ed,

This bug was just fixed and will be included in the Cesium 1.49 release available September 3rd.

Thanks again!