placing billboards on columbus view results in wrong z value display.

Hi there,

first up: awesome work Cesium crew, really great stuff the v28 release is noticeably faster for us displaying vectors and the new terrain is great.

our current problem relates to apparently different behavior between (globe and 2d view) and columbus view. we are adding billboards to a billboard collection using mouse clicks. inspired by the extent dragging example in the sandbox we use:

var cartesian =, ellipsoid);

to get the world coords of the mouse click.
this works for globe and 2d, but in columbus view the points are floating high in the sky, instead of appearing on the surface. maybe they think they are in globe mode ? interestingly, flicking the map to globe (or 2d) and then back to columbus results in the points being correctly placed on the surface.

is this a bug, should i file a bug report ?



Do you have a simple test case to reproduce the problem? It sounds like a bug.

Hi Matthew,

i made a little test case here that shows the bug…

i’m not sure how you normally transmit such test cases, i made a simple html that should be hosted by a webserver.

there is a button that places a billboard on the tip of florida, in columbus mode it appears elsewhere until you switch to globe then back again. in globe mode it works first time.

hope this helps.


cesium-billboard-placement.html (2.71 KB)

Awesome, thanks for the example. I was able to reproduce this and filed a new issue:

This issue is now fixed in master. It will be released on June 2nd with b29.

happy times.

cheers and nice work :slight_smile:


In the product I am working on we have this same issue, sounds good that it is fixed.

The only additional question I have is we were able to get it to happen consistantly in the 2D view as well. The points would appear in the same spot as the incorrectly did in columbus. You wouldn't be able to tell they were up in the air but they looked like they were in the same spot if you tilted columbus to view from above.

Is the fix for the Columbus view likely to fix the issue in 2D as well?


Yes, this fix addresses 2D as well.