Problem With BIllboards in 2D and Columbus Views


I am working with an application that continually redraws billboards based on location data retrieved from an outside source. If I try to morph the globe from 3D to Columbus, when the billboards are redrawn then they jump to incorrect locations (most of them move to a spot that makes it appear as though they are way below the surface in the middle of the ocean). The other odd thing about this issue is that when labels are redrawn, they do not move to odd positions, just the billboards. Is there any way to fix this issue?

Any chance you can provide a test case? There’s potentially an easy fix if we can reproduce it.


So for an example I have a billboard that is being drawn at lat: 34.63, lon: -115, and is 40,000 meters above the surface of Earth. When it is first created I add the billboard to a billboardCollection with the position, imageIndex, and show values:

var myBill = billboards.add({position : pos, imageIndex : i, show : showBill});

When the the software queries the database again for position info then we update the billboard by hiding, and removing the old billboard.


and then we simply add a new billboard in with new position values. The issue comes up when we display in 2D or Columbus view. At first the billboards show in the proper place, but as soon as we update the position of the billboards they all move to incorrect locations. For the example data, the billboard gets redrawn to be miles underneath the surface in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Is there any more information you need?

While this certainly sounds like a bug. Is there a reason you don’t just call setPosition on the old billboard rather than remove and add a new one? Performance will be much better if you re-use billboards.

I'm actually not sure. I'll look into changing that.

So after changing the system to work with setPosition instead of remove and add, I have found that billboards move around faster, however I still get the same error when I view in 2D or Columbus