Donut: EllipseGeometryLibrary documentation

I’ve been creating a donut, like below using the EllipseGeometryLibrary as explained in this post: How on earth do I draw a donut? (granted it’s from 2016):

Although it works, I can’t find any documentation behind it. Are there plans to deprecate? If so, how can I achieve the same results?


Hi Tom,

The EllipseGeometryLibrary is indeed no longer in the documentation. Currently there are no plans to deprecate, but there might be in the future.

You can draw polygons with holes in Cesium, as in this example:

The code for the polygon with holes starts on line 65. The example is also in the documentation for PolygonGeometry. This is an example with a square polygon shape, but you can also apply the same logic to a circular shape to create the donut above.