What's the state of EllipseGeometryLibrary?

I am in the process of adding TypeScript types to one of our projects and I just came across the following line of code: Cesium.EllipseGeometryLibrary.computeEllipsePositions(...). I cannot find a type for EllipseGeometryLibrary and it’s also not defined in the docs. I can see the object at runtime however, and I also see history of it being discussed in the community such as here. So what’s the state of EllipseGeometryLibrary, is it deprecated? Should we be using an alternative? Is it just missing from the docs and the TypeScript types?

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I think it’s not publicly exposed because it’s only used internally in the engine. So if you’re just constructing ellipse geometry, you should use the exposed functions on the EllipseGeometry class instead.

What are you trying to do with the computeEllipsePositions funciton?