Draw ploygons cross international date line

Hi all,

I am trying to draw ploygons that cross international date line.

The way I implemented it was that I separated the ploygon into two sub ploygons when the ploygon crosses International Dateline. However, it makes the future implementations harder.

Is there a better way to do this?



Hi Steven,

The Cesium polygon implementation should happen this automatically. Are you using a polygon or extent?


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the confusion. I am using extent.


在 2014年3月26日星期三UTC-7下午12时07分12秒,Patrick Cozzi写道:

For now, using two extents is fine. You could also use a single Polygon, which supports crossing the IDL, and subsample the boundary every one degree so it better follows lines of constant latitude and longitude.

I submitted #1577 since Extent should support this.