International Date Line Polygon Rendering Issues

After upgrading to b19, I’m having some polygon rendering issues when the polygons span the international date line. Triangular holes appear in the polygon near the date line. They appear to be present at all zoom levels and in both 2D and 3D views.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing for three Polygon primitives spanning the date line (I also have billboards, labels, and polylines rendered for each but those look fine):


Thank you!


Here’s some CZML that will reproduce the issue:




“vertexPositions” : {

“cartographicDegrees” : [-175,30,0,-175,35,0,175,35,0,175,30,0,-175,30,0]


“polygon” : {

“show” : true,

“material” : {

“solidColor” : {

“color” : {

“rgba” : [0,255,255,77]








Thanks Jon, I submitted an issue. Keep an eye on for the fix.