GeoJSON polygon with many holes not rendering correctly

Hi all.
I would need to use Cesium to display polygons with many holes (e.g. 8), but I am experiencing problems on rendering. This does not happen whit few holes.
You can find the json at the following url:
You can find the expected display at the following url:
You can find the actual display at the following url:
Marco Angheben

Hello Marco,

This is a known problem and we have an issue filed to fix it here:!topic/cesium-dev/b7nCByVXyKs



Thanks for the reply.
It will be great to have a fix, but I guess you posted the wrong link (it seems to point this thread).
Kind regards!

Whoops! Sorry. Here’s the issue:

It’s a very complicated problem to solve, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to be until we can fix it. We need to find an algorithm that can triangulate holes more accurately without impacting overall performance.