Draw Sensor Volume


I need to draw the rectangular sensor volume of an articulating sensor on a satellite. The tip will be attached to the seeker and the direction will be updated via simulation. I started by following the example of the CZML Model Articulations in Sandcastle with using the extension AGI_Articulations. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Hi there,

Do you just need to render the sensor volume itself, or are you looking to include line of sight/visibility computations?

Just the volume should be possible to render in open source CesiumJS. But for the line of sight analysis, I would recommend the Cesium ion SDK, which is built on CesiumJS but is not open source.

Sorry for the delayed response!

I just need the sensor volume, though I am fairly new to this. Where should I look for methods to render the volume?


Sensor volumes with line of sight visualization are included in our paid product, the Cesium ion SDK. This is built on top of our open source CesiumJS library. I’d encourage you to reach out to sales@cesium.com if these are the features you’re looking for.