Plotting visible area of the Earth for a satellite

Hi! I'm building a tool to visualize satellites in orbit, and I'm having a hard time understanding what I need to do to plot the area of the Earth that is visible to each Satellite (a line delimiting their horizon).

Did someone do something similar that I can look at to learn?

What I do have already working is a czml describing the satellite, with point and path entities, and changing position through time. All of this working perfectly.

Is cesium-sensor-volumes the way to go? Or can I achieve it just using Cesium alone?

If I need cesium-sensor-volumes, do you know if it works with Cesium 1.54?

Thanks in advance!

cesium-sensor-volumes was part of a marketplace of plugins idea that never took off. I believe it’s now evolved into the ion SDK which includes sensor visualizations as well as measurements tools etc. See my response to this same question here:

Thanks for the answer!
I see in that thread that the ion sdk isn’t open source, so I’ll need to keep looking for other options.

I guess I will need to learn to do it with custom geometries. I already tried, but hit some walls. I’ll try again.