Drawing Great Arc Path

I’ve been able to export CZML from STK 10, but I’m having issues with the great arc lines showing up. Attached is a screen shot of a simple scenario with two places and an object line connecting them. When I export it and ingest it into Cesium, I get the points, but no line. This is a slightly different problem than we discussed the other day; I’m interested in both generating the line internal to Cesium and getting exporting of a line to work as well (which might mean generating the line within Cesium, or exporting points from STK).


Hi TJ,

Matt is the expert here, but I suspect that object-to-object lines are not part of the exporter yet. Depending on the STK 10 object model and connect support, it might be easy to add. Otherwise, it might be possible to work around it with a line target or vehicle.


Patrick is spot on. While link/chain lines are supported, I never added support for the scenario level “object lines”. Simply because I hadn’t gotten around to it yet and no one asked. Now that you’ve asked, I’ll look into it and get back to you. My assumption is it’s trivial and maybe 30 minutes worth of work.


That sounds great!