Drawing multiple ellipses

I need cesium to be able to show a lot of ellipses on the globe.
I tried using the geometry engine .Creating instances and then adding them. The problem is that this only work for maximum of 200 ellipses. If i try 300 it gets stuck.
I have tried to draw ellipses as billboard and it works very fast.
But billboards are not built for this. I cant add a custom ellipse easily and it does not pin to ground.
I assume this is a known problem , is there any way around it?

Moreover, i was able to draw an elipse using canvas. But now, my problem
Is scaling. I have used the scale by distance option but i still don't know what size to set the canvas to.
I have ellipse width and height in meters how do i convert it to pixels ?

I would appreciate any help!

I’ve never run across any sort of maximum ellipsoid threshold unless you are being limited by the hardware on your client computer.

Are you filling the ellipsoids or just drawing the outline?

If you look at some of the more data intense Cesium examples, you’ll see thousands of objects, sensor cones, polygons, and more all running at the same time.

Hi chris,
Thanks for the reply . My hardware should be fine.I've tried a simple test of creating 300/400 ellipses' instances in a loop than adding them together ( as explained in the geometry tutorial) .
It gets stuck or even crush with higher numbers.
Try it yourself, i could paste my code if it helps

Still loking for an answear ,


300 should not be a problem. You might want to use a higher granularity (perhaps 10 degrees converted to radians) when constructing the geometry so fewer triangles are computed.

If you still have problems, post your code.


Can you post a small sample of your geometry/ellipse code? Are you batching them into a single Primitive? I’ve had cases where I had close to 20,000 geometry instances batched into a few primitives and everything ran at close to 60fps.

The granularity attribute worked perfectly !