Dropping a WMS with EPSG:3006 projection in OSM map using OL3-Cesium

I am using OL3-Cesium in one of my application. I need to drop a WMS layer with EPSG:3006 projection on top of OSM 3D map using OL3-Cesium. Is that supported or not yet?I have read from http://openlayers.org/ol3-cesium/ that synchronization of maps in projection other than 4326 and 3857 will be released soon.


There is no support for raster reprojection in OL3-Cesium (yet).

If your layer is WMS couldn’t you request EPSG:4326 tiles?


Guillaume Beraude


Thanks for the response. I have a WMTS layer in 3006 projection. So can’t i use this as base map instead of OSM without requesting as 4326 tiles?

No, that is not possible yet.
It would require OL3-Cesium to be modified to make use of the raster reprojection feature of OL3.