Duplicate Assets?

Would like to get clarification if an asset can be used more than once at the same time?
Seems like once an asset is assigned a location that a duplicate asset is needed to place it at another location on a different slide? Seems like a waste of strorage.


Yes, Cesium Stories is intended as a simple and code-free way of displaying geospatial assets that are hosted in ion. For anything more complex (such as instantiating objects programmatically at multiple locations), we recommend using CesiumJS.

With CesiumJS, you could, for example, instantiate multiple copies of the same Cesium3DTileset and modify each of their modelMatrix fields to reposition them on the globe: Cesium3DTileset - Cesium Documentation

For an approach like that, I would recommend taking a look at our CesiumJS Learn page if you haven’t already, as well as searching through the CesiumJS forum for tips and solutions.