Menu item(s) to display assets from Cesium Ion?

Hello everyone,

I would need a menu item for CesiumJS that detects all items uploaded to Cesium Ion for the current account and just propose to the user to display them in the scene or not. The goal would be to allow non-programmer users in my company to upload assets like 3D tiles and then let them configure their viewer (which uses the company ion account) to display the ressource they uploaded, without having to modify the code of our application, compile and deploy again. It should be pretty similar to the BaseLayerPicker but for 3D assets saved in ion.

Is there already an available menu item to do that? The ION rest API seems pretty easy to use so it shouldn’t be a problem if I have to do it, but I would be glad if I didn’t had to :slight_smile:

Hey Nicolas, there doesn’t exist a reusable widget that does this, but I opened this feature request here:

As I mentioned there, if you just want people in your company to be able to see and explore the assets in the account without having to code, you might find Stories useful for that: I’d be curious to hear if that fits your use case or if you’ve already tried it.

What kind of project are you working on?


Unfortunately the stories do not fit my use case.

We are developing a GCS (ground control station) for unmanned vehicles, as a desktop Electron application. We use Cesium JS both to display the current position of the UAV on a globe and for flight planning. We provide Bing maps and Cesium Terrain by default but it’s necessary for such a use case to provide features to our users allowing to import their own maps, elevation models and 3D models. (In order to allow a precise flight planning to avoid sending the UAV into a tree :slight_smile: .)

We could try to implement all these import procedures fully offline as part of the desktop application (possibly with the help of the on-premise tools provided by Cesium). But since most of them will require a lot of processing power anyway I’m inclined to recommend the usage of Cesium Ion to our users.

Due to the more advanced skills required for that use case (well, more advanced than a typical marketing website as example) we expect our users to be able to:

  • Gather alternative, locally more precise, maps, elevation models (usually captured by Lidar), or 3D models (usually captured by photogrammetry) from specialized providers
  • Understand what is contained in those data files (as example, regarding coordinates and model precision)
  • Re-work those files through specialized software if necessary ( like GIS or CAD software as example )
  • Manage effectively their own Cesium Ion account through the web interface (it’s quite simple to use anyway)

Unfortunately we can’t ask them to code (that part is our job :slight_smile: ) and making a deployment of a desktop application is a pain anyway.

So, if no one already had the need for such a component I’ll code it myself.

Thanks for your time,

Le mar. 10 mars 2020 à 14:28, Omar Shehata a écrit :

Thanks for the explanation - this sounds like a super cool project.

If you haven’t seen it, we have full OAuth2 support (see so you could have each user have their own Cesium ion account and connect it with your app.