Is there any way to upload cesium ion assets using javascript application to cesium ion account?

I am uploading cesium ion assets from cesium ion account and render on globe. Now I want to upload cesium ion assets from My own application to cesium ion account.

Is there any way to upload cesium ion assets using JavaScript?

Yes! Cesium ion does have a REST API that we’re working on exposing in the next few weeks in fact.

For now, there’s some discussion in this thread about how to get a list of ion assets using the API:

Yes, I have implemented this in my application. I get the list of ion assets in my application.
But now I want to upload ion assets from my own application to cesium ion account rather than direct upload from Cesium ion account.

Hi Omar,

Rohit and I are working on the same project. The other thread you referenced was the one I started. When you say you will be exposing the API in the next few weeks, do you mean the API will be released at that point, or that it’s already in place and the documentation will be available at that point? (I was previously told that the API exists but is not documented, but maybe you’re releasing a new or upgraded API?)

In any case, if you could please ping us here when information is available, as we are waiting on the feature to upload files to Ion via the API. Thank you.


The API already exists and documentation should be released in the next few weeks. I’ll make sure to ping this thread when it’s out!

Great, thank you!

Hi Omar,

Is the documentation available now.Or can u help me by providing a snippet to upload data directly to ion using the API.I’m able to get the list of assets using your snippet.

The ion REST API is officially out! Check it out, let me know if you have any feedback:

Thanks omar i tried uploading different gml files using the api it worked fine.Thanks for the REST API.And im also trying to fetch metadata of the assets.

Glad it’s working well for you! You should be able to get metadata about an asset using the getAsset route:

Thanks for the reply omar.I checked the api documentation its good.I’m able to fetch the metadata but its limited.



“description”: “”,


“attribution”: “”,




Above is metadata of the asset i’m getting.But i also want the bounds of the asset.For example if the asset is of type Terrain.I want to get the bounds of the terrain.So that i can zoom to that terrain location.How can i achieve this?

I think it just hasn’t been exposed yet. I updated the issue here: