Access tokens and upload by API

Hello! Got on board with the Cesium for Unreal plugin, which is blowing my mind. Currently running through our work-in-progress archviz application to see whether Cesium is a good fit for us, and I was wondering:

Can we create new (and reference existing) Access Tokens via automated upload / API?

Case in point: In Norway, there’s a database of LOD1 houses, much like the Openstreetmap 3D buildings. They’re behind a paywall. So our users will select an area on a map, pay a certain sum and receive a .zip file with the 3D buildings inside.

We’d like to send that .zip directly to an AWS/S3 database, where it’s tied to the users’ login. From there, we’d like to send it to Cesium for tiling, and then into Unreal at runtime for the same user with the same login.

I’m sure we can figure out the general logistics of the database and so on, but can we send the .zip file to Cesium and at the same time create a token for it? If we could get that token back at the same time, we could save it in a list for that user (this user can see content relating to this list of tokens.).

Then, in Unreal, the user can spawn their 3D tiled content much like the asset browser in the editor.

So can we automatically limit the assets a user can see this way?


How are you planning to store the assets on Cesium ion? Are you sending the assets from AWS to each user’s individual Cesium ion accounts or are you using a common Cesium ion account for all users?

I was hoping we could have a master Cesium account, and host all our client’s data there.