Question about cesium plugin for ue4


I am a 3D graphics engineer working for a company related to digital twin.

Not long ago, I found a plug-in that can use cesium in the Unreal Engine 4.

I followed the tutorial video on YouTube and run a sample project.

I think these a plug-in suitable for what I’m trying to do.

So I have a few questions.

  1. If I upload my data from “My Assets” in cesium ion, can other users access it from “Asset Depot”?
    I want to test the data I have, but this datas are security sensitive data, so users other than those who are authorized should not access them.

  2. If i use cesium ion to work on a real project, it should be implemented in a closed network such as an intranet that does not work on the Internet.
    Is it possible to use it in this case?

  3. What is the appropriate pricing plan to use in relation to question number 2?

  4. Uploading the test gltf model and setting the collision preset to No Collision in the detail window still handles collision with DynamicPawn.
    Is there a special way to turn off the collision processing of the object I uploaded?

best regards.

Hello @baekinsun,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

  1. Only the user who uploaded the data to their account has access to the data. In order for others to access assets in your ion account, a user would need an access token that gives them permission to see that particular asset. So if you have a web CesiumJS web app that displays your asset, it would be using an access token to give the client this permission. When you create an access token you can specify which assets it has permission to (so you can allow an application to access one asset without accessing everything in your account). So nothing in your account will be publicly available unless you publicly post an access token. Access tokens can also be revoked to revoke access. Employees of Cesium access assets only when you reach out to us for a support issue, and only for the assets that have an issue. I hope this answers your question! The privacy policy here details everything as well: Privacy Policy – Cesium

  2. This depends on what data you plan to use for the project. If you are planning to use your own data, they you can do it. If you need Cesium’s products for on-premises use, then those are available on a commercial basis.

  3. For on-premises use, Cesium provides the Cesium ion Engine and optional global 3D terrain. Cesium ion Engine consists of the Cesium ion SDK, a suite of measurement and analytics tools built on top of CesiumJS, and the 3D Tiling Pipeline, a collection of CLI tools that allow you to convert and optimize raw 3D geospatial and raster data into 3D Tiles. The Cesium ion Engine is licensed annually and is based on the type of applications (local/private/public) and scalability. What type of data are you looking to upload? And, how many separate on-premises instances and applications you plan to deploy will also help in determining the license and cost.

  4. My colleague @agallegos will be able to answer this one for you.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.



Regarding your fourth question, setting the collision preset should have prevented collision with DynamicPawn. I’m looking in to this issue further. In the meantime, try setting “Generate Overlap Events” to false in the collision settings for your test object. Please let me know if that helps with the collision processing.


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