CesiumJS and Cesium ion

Hello my name Atcha .
I’m from Thailand.
I learned the Cesium program and have questions as follows.
CesiumJS is a open source JavaScript.
If I use it in locallhost .
I made a data of 10 buildings.
I want to make the data public.
What restrictions are there? If so, how much will it cost?
Is it necessary for me to use Cesium ion?
How is it different?


Hi Atcha,

It depends on the size of your data. With the community plan, you can upload up to 5GB of data onto Cesium Ion. Please visit our pricing plans for more details on this: https://cesium.com/pricing/.

Cesium ion is a secure platform to serve and tile your data. Once you upload your data onto Cesium ion, you can load it into your applications using CesiumJS, like this:

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer("cesiumContainer");

// Your asset token for Cesium ion
Cesium.Ion.defaultAccessToken = 

var tileset = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
  url: Cesium.IonResource.fromAssetId(40866), // The asset id of your data on Cesium ion

For a quick guide on how to get your data onto ion and into your app, please visit our quickstart tutorial here: https://cesium.com/docs/tutorials/quick-start/

What kind of project are you working on?

Hi Dzung
I’m working on a building model project.
I have a plan to show the building 3D from Google Earth. On the public web.
Do you have a license?

Thank you

You can create a Cesium Ion account here: https://cesium.com/ion/signup and upload your 3D dataset. Signing up for an account is free! Please see our pricing here: https://cesium.com/pricing/